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captured during the course 01 u sLigle r^nr^u
Koktuam  and  Kallar ; rcd'ie?d  t^e   for-
Poruniamilla     He obtniued victor    as ^^o;; ii
of his TViir o
battle Haadeya
fort of UdayagirL

Uu Caitra ba. 10 of tht; ytur Viroflai*. tLe day ui r;4t cur
festival of tlie God Kajhuuatha of OijLf.^iii^t, tlic ^uii}u< ci*i;;3
to us, ^lahamaxtfa&st: rra ilatla AuaiiUii'aj.uyya LC-vaeUda
Maliaraja, (witli a request that the car;: ui: : ere uuti bl^ek smiths
should not be allowed to mxnnt the cur putting 0:1 tlieir
paccadas.-f We a^ked, i; WLiit is the practi\.'e in lirup&ti If"1 In
reply, they said: "According to the practice regulated i
by Peda Tirumalaiajayya at Tirnputi, tLi? priviitge is
to the carpenters and blacksmiths, witii due regard to the
•vrorship of the CrcdJ ; the carpenters and Li&ckgmitLs (^rc
allowed to) put ou tLeir ^accfuias a:ul jawdi85 apply sandal-
paste to themselves and mouiit the car, holding the touU of
their respective professions in their hai.ds." We lifttve decided
accordingly. You should Tvillingly observe thiis ^-riiLticc.

JVT.J5. — * This inscription clces not beiiv ;ls t-jka '7i-t:c.    Ois u
with   the  inscription  at  SiddhaTatain, Vii'GuL: ii fc-uusi u» c^iTe&pos.u to
S.S, 1511.'
An inscription j/ Otfimiftji : Z,, A\ 13, p  CC4.
Dacoits rrom the western country broke into the house 01
a wealthy iarmer of the Arakoti faoiily in the province of
Udayagiri and plundered it completely. While returning to
the west they came to Allidona, and halted for taking rest iu
the jungle at the foot of the hillocks on the jrest ot the village
at a distance oi a mile. The Araioti people who
•March 31, A. D., 15S9.
•fr Paeexda means the upper garment of meai
J TJie passage is corrupt; and the uamsiAtioo. ss only teaUtive.